About us

Ukrainian factory with Danish roots

SC Danish Textiles is a Ukrainian textile factory situated in Sokal, Lviv Region. The factory got roots in Denmark, where the headquater and sales department are located. This factory has been in business since 2001. During the years we have established a decent repurtation and grown rapidly. Today we employ 750 people in Ukraine and we are considering expanding our production facilities.

SC “Danish Textiles” specializes in the production of knitted fabric and in sewing. Experience of Denmark provides the complete process of production from yarn to finished products. Production volumes are constantly increasing. Production is characterized by high quality and competitiveness and is exported abroad to well-known brands such as TEMPUR+SEALY, a long time worked with IKEA.

Company is active in volunteering and charitable activities (e.g. helping local associations of disabled persons, etc.).

Company is active in volunteering and charitable activities (e.g. helping local associations of disabled persons, etc.).
SC Danish Textiles has created safe working conditions, which are ensured by scientifically confirmed requirements to arrangement of workplaces. SC “Danish Textiles” is audited by global brands, which are the major customers of the company. During the audits, special attention is paid to the quality of trainings and working conditions. On December 26, 2017, the Quality Management System of SC “Danish Textiles” was certified in accordance with the standard ISO 9001: 2015, which guarantees of timely high quality products shipment for our Customers.

What do we produce?

We are part of an international group which strategy is to be the best supplier for mattress producers as we are experts in production and design of knitted fabrics (jacquard, velour fabrics, as well as a selection of other knitted fabrics) and sewing of covers for any type of matrasses and pillows. To become excellent we acquainted from Denmark and developed in-house expertise in the following processes: design, knitting, dying and finishing, printing, cutting, sewing and quilting.

Quality Policy

Our success depends on our ability to deliver the best quality, without additional cost to our customers. Main values of the company are committed to our customers’ adherence and creation of proper conditions for personnel. Management of the company is based on transparency, continuous improvement and compliance with quality management standards.

Therefore we must:

• Constantly improve the efficiency of our quality management system.
• Constantly improve staff competences and understanding of the quality management system.
• Make sure we understand customer requirements and expectations.
• Document and monitor customer specific quality parameters.
• Understand timely deliveries as an important quality measurement.
• Consistently meet or exceed customer’s expectations.
• Strive for constant quality improvement on relevant parameters.

Company’s management ensures implementation of this policy with participation of all employees, as well as implementation of processes in accordance with legislation and other applicable authorities.

Annual report 2019