“Quality, Competence, Honesty and Reliability” – these words characterize our everyday work. Our vision, our aim is that all our clients, employees and authorities will perceive “Quality and Honesty” as a synonym of the company.

We must be a fair and attractive partner to clients, suppliers and authorities abroad and across the country.

Projects must be carried out in a price and quality that motivate the partners to the next tasks, naturally returning to us again.

Danish Textiles shall be a perfect workplace that can attract qualified employees at all levels. We are dedicated to create good working and safety environment and each employee’s well-being. And so we aim, of course, after being THE BEST!

Jørgen Cederholm – Managing Director

European values and standards where the quality of goods and people are taken care of is the credo of our company.

Here at Danish Textiles we value productivity, efficients, competence and loyalty high.

It is important to us that our production is running flawless. This require our employees to be efficient in their work. A competent worker is well-orientated in his work and knows how to perform his duties in the most efficient way.

In a company with 750 employees is loyalty a big deal. Not only loyalty from our employees, but from our suppliers as well. This loyalty works the other way around as well. If we are pleased with our suppliers and employees then we are 100% loyal to them.

Another thing with absolutely top priority is safety and being law-abiding. We value safety extremely high. All employees should be able to go to work, knowing they will get home healthy and safe every day. Our factory has its own labour safety team that ensures all safety measures are in order.

We intend to act in a way that serves the environment in the best way, and causes the least of trouble. All production works in accordance with the law requirements. We also pay special attention to the rules of waste storage.