We have received a decent amount of cups, diplomas and prizes since we started our factory in 2002. Some are great achievements, others are just for the fun and appreciation. They all have their own story and we are happy to tell it if anyone asks. These are the memories of our journey from we started in 2002 until now.


This is some of the things we have achieved:


  • EBA Membership in 2005

In 2005 we became a member of the European Business Association in Ukraine. This was a great achievement for the company as it improved many things for us, and gave us new business possibilities and a new reputation to keep up as a member of an association.


  • Cooperation with the “Sokal Agency of Regional Development”

We were awarded with a nice diploma as a thank and a memory of our cooperation.


  • Special Employment Effort

This little award we got awarded for our effort in employing people in the Sokal District. (The prize is on the pictures to the right.)


  • 2012 Employment Prize

We’ve been awarded with this prize because we are a good work place with good employees. Furthermore it is awarded because of our effort in employing new people.