Working atmosphere

We put a big effort into having a healthy and functional working environment. Every department on the factory has an acceptable temperature and is fully ventilated with air condition, employees are provided with uniforms. For example, at the dyehouse all chemicals are handled by people in safety clothes, mask and gloves. All chemicals are stored so they cannot go into the air or ground.

We follow the rules made for the working environment at working places in Ukraine.

All departments have specific safety rules. To fulfil these rules we instruct everybody on labour safety when they get employed. Furthermore we are having emergency practice with a big participation from other companies. For example, we practice emergencies with the local fire department, people from our gas supplier, hospital and police.

Every department is equipped with medical boxes containing everything from painkillers to bandage. The factory has its own First aid post  with a doctor and a nurse for medical treatment. All health examinations and medical treatment are paid by the company.

We are regularly having safety and sanitary inspections. We always want to create the best environment for our employees.

A group of cleaners is working at all departments to keep the working areas clean.