From yarn to finished product


Let’s analyze the production process of fabric step by step. You can see the scheme and description of the production process.

At this stage the yarn is knitted into the fabric which is rolled into 22-30 kg rolls of raw fabric.

Finishing (Cropping, Un-rolling, Slitting & Presetting):
At the Cropping and finishing department the rolls of raw fabric are prepared for further treatment.
The rolls are cropped and slitted into pieces, stabalized at high temperatures.

Dyehouse (Dyeing, Drying & Centrifuge uplaying):
At the Dyehouse the fabric is dyed into colours according to the costumers orders.
After being died the fabric is put into centrifuges and dried. The fabric goes through an uplaying machine and is sent to the next step in the production.

(Velour only) Cropping machines polish the fabric surface to remove the fibres and make surface even.

In this step the patterns are printed onto the  film and printed on the fabric.

Rolling & Inspection
The finished fabric is inspected for minor mistakes, which are to be marked by operators.


Next step – Sewing Production


Production development:

Preparation of a sequence of producing goods, calculation of production time, as well as the development of effective production methods. Development of patterns for a new model or series, making orders for printing pattern layouts and orders for cutting details.

Cutting parts:

Preparation and printing of patterns, cutting details of model from the fabric according to the order on automated and manual cutting complexes.

Bundle Packing:

At this process the parts are packed according to the order, adding certain accessories, for example zippers

Presewing operations:

At this stage, the sewing of goods is performed in accordance with the technical documentation, as well as sewing of some parts, embroidering and hot pressing of logos, labels.


Here are all the pieces are sewn together. Seamstresses are sewing on sewing machines of various purposes and of different sizes.

Quality Control:

After the goods have been sewn they move on to the quality control where everything is looked through for small mistakes and discords. Quality control of each good is performed as well as selective quality control after basic control.


After the quality control all goods are packed into large boxes on pallets and shipped to our customers.



We took a video that demonstrates the process of our production step by step. All processes are described and explained. You can watch videos here: