In the beginning of 2011 the last reconstruction of canteen premises was done. The dining area is 600 m², the total area of the whole canteen is 1500 m². Our canteen staff is working in several shifts to prepare meals for all our employees.

As an employee in our canteen you do not need to possess any kind of cooking skills, our canteen-manager is a qualified teacher in cooking, he will teach you everything you need to know.

The canteen consists of several rooms for preparing the food, cleaning dishes and even a small bakery. All rooms in the canteen are equipped with high level kitchen equipment for the best results.

All soups, all meat, mashed potatoes, sauces etc. we serve in the canteen are healthy and homemade. Furthermore all our ingredients are grown or made in Ukraine.

The most important factors to our canteen staff is: healthy food and cleanliness.