Working conditions

We care about our employees, the working conditions and working time standards meet the requirements of Ukrainian legislation. Employees are given not less than 24 days of paid holidays every year. The employees are also provided with non-paid vacations under approval of chiefs of departments. The company has a transparent policy for salary payment, sick leaves and pension contributions. Employees receive official salary on time and have 40 hours working week. Overtime and night work is paid in accordance with the law. The company also provides employees with motivation bonuses.

During working hours we offer our employees free of charge unlimited access to our First aid post.

Furthermore employees are served one free and healthy meal in our canteen at every shift. Workers can also access the canteen during a break to drink tea or coffee. This is also free of charge.

Employees of production departments are provided with the uniform and other means of personal protection.

Employees who live far from the company are provided with free transport to work and home or we compensate the cost of public transport.

While our employees are working they can always feel safe. Our labor safety department and security department is working daily to provide a healthy and safe working environment for everybody at the factory. We value the health of our employees, create a good moral and physical environment for them.