Here at Danish Textiles we like to help each other. We also like to contribute to other peoples’ joy and happiness, and that is why we sponsor a variety of different local activities. Our sponsorships are often local, as we want all the local people to enjoy that we chose this location. We want to show this city, Sokal, that we like our placement here, and as we support their activities here, they might support us some day when it is needed.


We have done a couple of things here in Sokal. Here is some of our local sponsorships:


The local football team

We are title sponsors which provides the team with a regular sponsorship on monthly basis.

In addition to this we attended a football cup with other local teams. You can read more about it here:


Local Association for disabled people

We helped to purchase new equipment for the Assocaition.



Local playground

Danish Textiles financed an arrangement of the playground for kids in the centre of the city.


Yearly Christmas sponsorship to local kids

We sponsor money to a local charity association, so they can buy Christmas gifts for the kids.


“Fastelavn” Danish tradition with costumes and candy (2013)

In February 2013 we sponsored an event for local children with candy, costumes and a lot of happy faces.


Holiday events, public events, repair of roads etc.

Furthermore we have sponsored a variety of different things in Sokal.


If you are interested in more about Danish Textiles you can read a great article about us, from the local newspaper:
or the article when the governor was visiting Danish Textiles: