Here at Danish Textiles we are very concerned about the environment and good working conditions for our employees and put a lot of effort into not harming the environment.


Twice a day wet cleaning of all premises and offices is held, cleaning is carried out with environmentally friendly materials, non-harmful for the health. Coolers were installed on all departments to provide constant supply of clean cold and hot water to employees. We started cooperation with the local sanitary station to check the working conditions at the production area. Each month the certified tests are performed and the results are thoroughly monitored by the management.


To avoid the harm of the environment a new modern heating system has been installed at the factory which provides a high level of combustion and a correspondently low level of air pollution. Furthermore we have replaced the old steam-producing boiler with a more efficient one to provide the substantial saving of energy.


The official report of air pollution complex audit do not show any major problems.


We also use energy-saving electronic starters for day-light lamps which help to substantially decrease the electricity consumption.


The audit of “environmental footprint” of the company has been performed by the ecological control state bodies. No harm for environment has been detected and reported.


We pay a lot of attention to the quality of waste water. Special filtering equipment has been installed to provide extra water cleaning. Every month a thorough analysis of waste water is performed by local and Lviv experts. Daily monitoring of basic parameters is made. New recipes of dying are introduced to improve the quality of the waste water.


The company is using the dye-stuff and other chemicals produced by the worldwide leaders in chemical industry providing the highest ecological standards of the supplies. All chemicals used in production are certified by international and local bodies. For this the company conducts an audit to meet the requirements of the Oeko-tex International System.


We are working on the correct recycling of wastes. The company has installed containers for sorting wastes, after which the waste is transferred to specialized organizations for disposal or recycling.


To minimize the smoke we have installed a weather station that helps to determine the speed and direction of the wind during the certain production processes.